MARS 2023 Summer Meeting — Thank you for joining us in Lake Geneva!


Record Attendance at the 2017 Summer & Winter Meeting

We are happy to announce that the 2017 Summer Meeting had record attendance with nearly 500 registered – the highest ever for our July meeting! We also had 250 register for our golf outing. We also experienced record attendance at our 2017 Winter Meeting with an attendance of nearly 800. Thanks for all your support and we look forward to seeing you at our 250th Meeting in 2018!

Comments from January 2017 Meeting

It isn’t easy for me to travel out-of-state, but the depth/breadth of speakers made it easy to convince my management to give its OK. I am grateful for the opportunity that MARS offers in making the highest-level executives accessible to everyone who attends.– Dave Leucinger Company: Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation

Great event! I really enjoyed it being my first time attending.– Fralana Latham Company: Union Pacific Railroad

Having high-end executives from two Class 1 railroads at the summer meeting was a welcome surprise. Both represented their companies very well. Mr Titterton’s presentation provided facts and figures that are not readily available elsewhere. Very informative.– Andy Laurent Company: Iowa Interstate RR

I can’t believe the first meetings I attended were only about 200 people and this time around 800 way to go!– Anonymous

All comments are verbatim from our 2017 Winter Meeting, click here to checkout the full list. Thanks to everyone that came out and we can’t wait to see you at the next meeting.

2017 Winter Meeting Attendees 2017 Summer Meeting Attendees

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