MARS 2024 Summer Meeting & Scholarship Golf Outing — July 8-9, 2024

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Hello to All Interested in MARS Activities

Welcome to the new MARS website.

Since the first MARS website became available it has become the most popular method of getting information about MARS, our events and to register for our conferences, resulting in many thousands of page views. We considered the site a great success.

As MARS continues to grow, more people are looking for more information and we felt it was time to address the increased desires by reorganizing the site and providing more of the content being sought, while trying to retain an intuitive and easy to use format. We feel the new set up is more in line with current internet users’ expectations and familiar processes, using more graphics and better organized information.

Please take a moment to review the site. We hope that you agree this is a big improvement and that it will better respond to your needs. We welcome any comments and suggestions.

Mike Barth


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